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Feel Better Everyday!

Full Spectrum Pain CBD Cream 1000 mg

I started using ProMed products on a sore shoulder and thumb. I tried the CBD pain cream first on myself and on my patients. The cream is a smooth consistency and not too oily. It does have menthol in it, which warms gently and slowly. This was gentle enough for use on an elderly patient. I think that this is most effective on a sore back, shoulder or limbs. Due to the menthol, I only used it at night on my hands.

Full Spectrum Gel Caps 25mg

Once seeing the effectiveness of the cream, I moved on to the soft gel caps. Each gel cap contains 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD. I tried taking one to two capsules in the morning and found that 50mg was the right amount for me. It kept me pain-free all day and I had plenty of energy to keep working until the early evenings.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 mg

I am now trying the oil drops that are 33mg per dropper. The one I have is strawberry guava flavored and very pleasant. If I use 2 droppers, I can tell it’s too much, so I’m experimenting with the amounts. So far 33mg seems to be enough, it’s faster acting than the gel caps too. Feeling better every day!

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