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Ventura Raw CBD is one of the original raw hemp companies. Raw hemp products are also full spectrum. The oils are green and have a distinct flavor, so this takes some getting used to.
My experience was with the oils: Boost, Alleviate and Chill. The Chill oil contains passion flower, which I used before bed. I’m a sound sleeper, but I found that I felt much more rested after taking the Chill oil before bed. The Alleviate oil contains white willow bark; to help with inflammation. I tried this on a mole that I’m trying to heal and it mellowed out the redness and pain quite well. The Boost contains American Ginseng, I have had the least experience with this, but it does feel like a good cup of coffee boost. I like the Raw Relief roll-on. I took this to work one day during a heavy massage day and used it for 9 hours off and on. I was amazed at how it alleviated the pain in my hands. It’s a light oil so it won’t interfere with work and slightly menthol heat as well. I like how responsive this company is to sharing their products with us and they do have a wide range of products including oil for dogs that is bacon flavored.